GreenMax Elevator with Small Machine Room

Application of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Technology

     International advanced gearless permanent magnetic synchronous traction technology is first used in the elevator industry. The Max host adopts rare earth permanent magnetic material, advanced high-precise sealing bearing, low-speed big rotational torque, no-reducing mechanism, and is provided with safe magnetic steel anti-off technology, which is outstanding in terms of saving energy, noise reduction, high efficiency and stability.

    The permanent magnetic synchronous frequency conversion door system adopts 3 closed looped servo control of 32-bit microcomputer for control, which improves precision, makes the speed curve of controller open/shut door completely consistent, and operation more stable and smooth.

Integrated Control System

    Max elevator with small machine room adopts 32-bit microcomputer integrated control system reasonably combines traction control system and logic control system, minimizing wiring in the control cabinet, effectively enhancing the anti-interference and EMC capabilities of the electronic control system.

Intelligent Network

    CAN-bus serial communication grid is applied systematically, and has the function of self-learning, self-diagnosis, fault record, and remote monitoring. Intelligence and grid is convenient for elevator maintenance and management.

Energy Feedback Technology

    When elevator is generating electricity, with the advanced contra variant technology, electrical energy can be fed back to the power grid for recycled use to realize regeneration of energy without affecting the external power grid.

High-efficiency and Energy Conserving

    Max Elevator adopts gearless permanent synchronous traction drive, with efficiency of the whole set improved by more than 25% and energy consumption reduced by 50%. The car interior is provided with LED light that is remarkable in energy-saving and sublimating visual effect, and saving a lot of electric energy during operation.

Clean and Low Noise

    The gearless permanent synchronous traction is internally provided with advanced high-precision sealing bearing and there is no need for the host machine to change lubrication oil, which reduces oil pollution and keeps the environment clean while eliminating the noise and vibration caused by conventional transmission.

    Due to the use of UVW-type feedback encoder with high distinguishing capability and the traction system with high performance and low harmonic wave, noise from the elevator is greatly reduced during operation, and movement is quiet, reflecting the social consciousness that cares for the people and offers protection to the environment.

Popularization of Barrier-free Elevators

    Importing the barrier-free idea into the elevator manufacturing standard, Max Elevator gives higher humanistic concern, which reflects that Guangri Elevator cares for and pays more attention to the requirements from the special group of people, and optimizes the design of the elevator working conditions for the elders and the disabled persons. With a strong social responsibly and sense of mission, Max Elevator is dedicated to creating a barrier-free environment in buildings and traffic in the metropolis.
Rear view device
Braille button or external call without display in the hall
Operation Car operation panel for the disabled
Voice Announcement
Extended Opening Time in Car

Safer and More Comfortable

    The whole set is provided with complete safety protection measures and adopts industrial-grade double 32-bit CPU that can timely detect emergency conditions and take corresponding protective measures, making operation safe and stable. The coaxial drive and advanced vector frequency conversion technology well combined make the elevator run smoothly and stop at the assigned floor accurately, and enable the passengers to take a comfortable ride and enjoy going up and down freely.

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